Month: March 2024

Packaging for Beauty Products: Sustainable Options & Design Essentials

Key Takeaways Packaging Significance Attracting Consumers Enhancing Brand Image Environmental Responsibility Sustainable Options Eco-friendly Materials Reusable Containers Biodegradable Solutions Material Selection Preserving Quality Enhancing Efficacy Design Essentials Aesthetic Appeal Functionality User Experience Skincare Packaging Focus Airless Bottles Thread Closure Systems Round Jars Beauty Product Containers Lip Gloss Options Double Read more […]

Packaging Conference 2024: Key Themes & Innovation

Key Takeaways 2024 Packaging Trends Mergers Insight Sustainability Focus Key Themes Storytelling Tactics Planet vs Plastics Semiconductor Investments Expert Speakers Industry Leaders Innovators Showcase Sustainability Advocates Innovation Highlights Advanced Packaging Recycling Technologies Circular Economy Geographic Focus Americas Events Asia & Africa Europe Events Networking Opportunities Meet the Experts Collaboration Spaces Exhibition Read more […]

15 Top Packaging Design Tips

The packaging industry is experiencing a creative boom, with endless options available. However, it is crucial to choose the perfect packaging design that resonates with your target audience. Tips from industry experts include considering the whole package, doing test prints, thinking of packaging as problem-solving, and knowing your category. When designing packaging, it is important to combine beautiful colors, typography, and photography to create an overall appealing package. Consider Read more […]

Top Spots for Packaging Supplies – Quick Guide

When it comes to finding packaging supplies for your business, it’s important to have reliable sources that offer quality products at affordable prices. Whether you need shipping boxes, packing tape, or other packaging materials, knowing where to get them is crucial for efficient order fulfillment. There are many packaging materials suppliers available, but not all of them meet the criteria of affordability, product selection, and reliability. To help you make an informed decision, we Read more […]

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