Types of Packaging Finishing in Plandome NY

Customising packaging offers endless opportunities in Plandome NY. From embossing and debossing, spot gloss coating, embossing/debossing or stamping your packaging can take it one step further.

AQ coating adds vibrancy and glossiness to printed packaging, perfect for foil stamping or embossing processes. It works equally well as an additional finishing option.


Varnish is a protective coating or film applied to printed materials and packaging to provide protection from moisture, sunlight and wear and tear. At the same time, its application enhances natural colors and textures of its target materials while protecting them against moisture intrusion and sunlight damage.

This versatile finish can be applied to a range of materials, including paper, cardboard and plastics. Thanks to its flexibility it makes an ideal solution for crafting custom and visually appealing packaging solutions tailored specifically to individual projects.

Varnish is typically made with linseed oil, though other materials can also be used. Due to its strong odor, varnish should always be applied using personal protective equipment when applying this form of finishing. Furthermore, varnish takes longer to dry than other options which could delay production and increase costs significantly; additionally it’s also susceptible to dust buildup and discoloration over time.

Matte Foil

Foiling adds a stunning metallic flair to paper crafts, especially when creating wedding invitations, business cards or anything that could use an injection of soft metallic hue. Our matte gold foil fusing rolls have been specifically designed for use with dry-toner copier machines and can adhere properly on smooth paper stocks that do not feature coatings or textures that prevent adhesion of foiling materials.

Matte black aluminum foil tape is widely utilized within the entertainment industry to prevent spillages or leakages on heat-generating equipment, lighting decorators / engineers often utilize this product for creating barn doors or adapt gobos for specific events. Thanks to its excellent aging resistance and low moisture vapor transmission properties, matte black aluminum foil tape makes an excellent long-term outdoor application solution with its ability to be formed into any shape without melting in extreme temperatures and absorb light rather than reflecting it, which may come in handy in certain instances when complete darkness is required.

Soft-Touch Foil

Soft-touch finishes appeal to our sense of touch, creating a velvet-like surface for custom packaging boxes that entice customers to hold them. Comparable to short-napped velvet, smooth suede or soft chamois leather finishes, this experience will surely get your brand noticed by customers.

Use of foil finishing is best achieved through clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, adding color will help bring out design elements more easily, selecting simple colours will ensure an efficient foil stamping process, as will avoiding difficult stocks to help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Soft-touch finishes can be created with both coatings and laminate films. Coatings are applied as liquid during printing, while laminations require separate processes involving bonding them onto printed pieces afterwards. Both techniques produce velvety textures; soft touch coatings may be more cost-effective and time efficient. Both options can also be combined with embossing/debossing techniques for an even more stunning effect.

Metalised PET

Metallized PET films are polymeric films coated with an aluminum layer to give it a shiny mirror-like finish, ideal for reflective applications such as printing, packaging, POP displays and displays. They’re often found used for printing jobs as well as packaging needs and POP displays.

Metalization of plastic alters its properties, making it suitable for various uses. One such use is replacing foil laminates in food packaging as it offers similar barriers but at reduced cost and weight.

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Metallized PET can be printed with any variety of graphics and cut to any size desired, making it suitable for POP/retail displays, labeling, packaging and excellent tensile strength applications such as strapping or monofilament yarn production. At Firsta we supply all grades of metallized PET in rolls, sheets or components within short lead times – ideal for short lead times!

Types of Packaging Finishing in Plandome NY
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