What is the Difference Between Primary Packaging and Secondary Packaging?

What is the difference between primary packaging and secondary packaging

In simple terms primary packaging is the type of packaging most commonly used to send products, usually in small boxes. Primary packaging can be cardboard boxes or bubble wrap which is very convenient for sending individual items as they are light, easy to carry and inexpensive. Primary packaging also makes it much easier to track and inspect parcels as there is only one piece of packaging to track and retrieve. If you wish to order packaging online you will be sent to a secure site where you fill in a quick form giving details of the product to be packaged. From here, the website will determine what secondary packaging is available depending on the item you have chosen.

Secondary packaging is used to protect the contents of the original packaging from damage while shipping. Depending on the type of product, the packaging company may use polystyrene, cardboard, strong tape or bubble wrap depending on how much protection the item needs. Many items have both a protective coating applied to them and a thin paper protective layer underneath this layer. This second layer is designed to stop damage occurring to your goods before they leave the courier’s depot. Some examples of items that frequently go through this process include medicines, glass or ceramics.

You should not confuse packaging with shipping. When an item has been shipped from one part of the country to another, it is often referred to as originating packaging. The packaging company that organised the shipment will be the one to call when shipping an item. Common transportations could include freight from a factory in Hong Kong, a truck or coach from an airport to a warehouse. If the freight was simply enclosed within a container or a pack, then it would be classed as primary packaging.

The next step is to identify the exact purpose of your packaging. Most companies will either package light or heavy items. There are different types of packaging for light items versus heavy items. Heavy packaging will be required for objects that will be sent through land or sea. You should always contact the packaging company that you are using for your requirements before ordering any additional products.

What is the difference between primary packaging and secondary packaging? The actual shape and size of the packing material are the main thing that is different. The primary material is cardboard or wood. It does not contain any type of glue or other adhesives. If you were to order primary packaging from a company, then you would receive a box in the same shape as the original item.

What is the difference between primary and secondary packaging for cardboard products? When cardboard is used for the actual packing of a product it contains a thin paper coating that can be peeled off easily. Once this layer has been peeled off, you will receive the product in the same shape that it was in the cardboard box. Because of the paper coating on the cardboard it makes the product very difficult to open, therefore the product will remain fresh and crisp for a longer period of time.

What is the Difference Between Primary Packaging and Secondary Packaging?
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